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Keyboard Karate this Friday!

Monday, April 24, 2017 by Betsy Breaker | Uncategorized

Good evening!

Just a reminder that we have Keyboard Karate coming up this Friday, April 28th at 3:15 - 4:30pm. This is a social and recreational gathering to award new Keyboard Karate belts that have been earned since our last gathering. We have snacks, of course, and the group had a blast playing games together. 

No work is done, this is purely for fun! 

NEXT week is our work day as Friday, May 5th, 3:15-4:30pm is our last Crunch! Club of the school year. But even that is not all work...there's definitely some play involved.

Our end-of-the-year Piano Party is Friday, May 19th, 3:15-5:00pm.  This will be a mixture of performances and fun - hopefully outdoor activities!

Over the next couple days I will be sending out updates individually regarding flex days used and when the last scheduled lesson will be for each student. As a reminder each student receives two flex days and the teacher receives one. To create these flex days I have 3 unpaid lessons scheduled in my calendar at the end of the year which enables a student to miss two lessons for whatever reason without any financial loss.  Likewise I get to cancel one lesson. I had to take a full week off in January so for sure all students will have lessons through May 11th.

Thank you for keeping the kids at the piano as much as possible as the spring weather and sports schedules are upon us. I know it's tough!


Benefit Concert Friday, March 17th

Thursday, March 9, 2017 by Betsy Breaker | Uncategorized

On Friday, March 17th, Le Sueur native Luke Barnard will be giving a recital at the United Methodist Church in Le Sueur at 7:30pm.  Luke is a former piano student of mine who is studying for his masters in music with a focus on music ed and vocal performance.

He has the opportunity to study and perform in Bulgaria with the Varna International Opera Academy and is giving this concert with a free-will offering to help fund this amazing experience. I'm am pleased to be accompanying Luke for the 25-minute program he has prepared with works varying from spirituals to German lieder to French and English repertoire. Luke has an amazing tenor voice and I know you won't regret taking time out of your Friday night to hear him.

As a pianist, collaborative performances such as these are just a treat. I've spent decades alone at the piano practicing and improving, so I welcome the chance to create music with such a gifted vocalist. Those decades have included a LOT of sight reading, a very valuable skill to practice because it enables me to learn music quickly. In this case I've got 25-minutes of music to prepare for next Friday - and I just received the first installment of music this morning with the rest coming soon!

I hope you can join us and hear where piano lessons may lead your kids!

Crunch! Club is Friday, March 3rd

Wednesday, March 1, 2017 by Betsy Breaker | Crunch! Club

Who: All students (please RSVP or register online)

What: Crunch snacks, friends, music and independent theory work - "crunching" as many theory pages as possible

Where: Betsy's Home Studio

When: Friday, March 3rd, 3:15pm-4:30pm

Why: Theory is the core of music study, it's the phonics and spelling tests of learning to read music. It's also a fact that theory is a whole lot more fun when there are snacks and friends involved!