Studio Offerings

With your tuition you are reserving a specific time in the studio each week for lessons and access to all of the benefits of studio tuition:  

There are 32 weeks in the teaching calendar, with two Student Flex weeks and two Teacher Flex week for illnesses, inclement weather or other absences. The Flex Weeks are in lieu of make-up lessons. Additional absences are accommodated through the many group events opportunities.

There are 4 Piano Parties (September Kickoff, Christmas Performances, Pre-Recital Performances and Year-end Celebration)

One formal recital in the spring

Two optional group challenges:

Performance Club will meet the first Friday of the month from 3:15-4:30 for snacks, social time and sharing piano performances with one another. Students are encouraged to attend, perform anything they like - it may even be a Work In Progress. But performing is not required, being an audience member is valuable, too, so all students are welcome!

Keyboard Karate will meet just three times (quarterly) and will be a group focusing on scales, arpeggios and k   eyboard facility while earning their Keyboard Karate "belts" working towards the "black belt" representing discipline and mastery. The quarterly meetings will be from 3:15 to 4:30 check in with everyone's progress, award any belts earned, and again have some social time.

Additional studio benefits:

All books and materials are included in tuition

Free home access to the Piano Maestro app (personal iPad required) and Supersonics Piano

Extensive studio lending library for sight reading books and composer biographies

Lessons conducted on a Steinway L grand with a Roland digital piano for lab activities and warmups